Saturday, January 25, 2014

Landscape, Clearing Storm at Dana Point California

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A sailboat seemingly has this entire view all to itself. One of my favorites from this place, and I've made many photographs from this location. This area is in front of 500' high cliffs in Dana Point, and only accessible during low tide and a decent hike over many rocks.


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  1. Carl
    I read your review of the G16 on the DP review site which brought me here. I too have the G16 , my third in the G series starting way back with the G3 – which by the way still runs fine , if by today’s standards very slowly .
    I have a small collection of Canon DSLRs starting with the D20 and ending with the 5dm2 but at the end of the day I just don’t always want to lug that gear when I’m out and about. The G16 fills that gap between the IPhone and the DSL’s and is light enough to live in my work bag every day.
    I particularly like the way the controls are laid out and that Canons excellent menu system in common across the brand.
    And then there’s the old saying “what’s your best camera ? – the one you have with you.”
    Cheers Chris