Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Historic, Douglas DC-3 at Flabob

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My first trip to Flabob Airport in Riverside California was memorable. Something was in the air that early morning. The quiet (but active) airport, and of course interesting weather producing some magical light. Post storm and clearing is one of my favorite times to photograph and this day was no different. Shooting aircraft is not my specialty but I took my time with this subject. The decision making for the post processing was the most difficult part, but I finally landed  with this look that best expressed how this aircraft made me feel that day.

What started off as a rather dull looking color photograph came to life with some good moves (I might say myself) in post processing. This aircraft, like the airport it resides in, has a feel and charm unlike any I've been too. It conjurs up a wide range of emotions for those who care about aircraft history. Almost all of the planes I saw there still flew, and flew regularly- even the very old ones. This DC-3 emulates a spirit in the air I felt there- I may be old but I'm determined to fly, and nothing is going to stop me- as it looks toward the sky awaiting its pilot to bring her to life once again.

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